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Power User

per month

  • 1 user
  • 10 Directories
  • Dashboards
  • Reports, Charts, and Maps
  • 3 Forms For data collection
  • upto 500 Rows
  • Schedule 5 Reports
  • Email Support
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Startup Edition

per month

  • 1 Admin Seats
  • 2 Developer Seats*
  • 10 End User Seats
  • Dashboards
  • 30 Forms
  • upto 2k rows
  • up to 5 GB
  • Schedule 30 Reports
  • Reports, Charts, and Maps
  • Dedicated IP and URL
  • Custom Email
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Standard Edition

per month

  • 2 Admin Seats
  • 10 Developer Seats*
  • 25 End User Seats
  • Dashboards
  • 50 Forms
  • 10k rows
  • up to 10 GB
  • Schedule 100 Reports
  • Reports, Charts, and Maps
  • Dedicated IP and URL
  • Custom Email
  • Business Hour Support
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Enterprise Edition

per month

  • 10 Admin Seats
  • 25 Developer Seats*
  • 75 End User Seats
  • Dashboards
  • Unlimited Forms
  • 100k Rows
  • up to 50 GB
  • Schedule Unlimited Reports
  • Reports, Charts, and Maps
  • Dedicated IP and URL
  • High Avalibilty
  • Custom Email
  • Enterprise Options
  • 24/7 Support
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* Developers, often called "Power Users", can create and schedule their own reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Power User packages allows individuals access to the application via a common portal. All of the features such as maps and charts are available but the user creates their own data sources. The Business and Enterprise packages are dedicated environments that users access through a dedicated URL. These packages offer true isolation, the ability to lock down the instance to your office, and to scale as your business grows.
Yes! Start with a free 7 Day Trial with no credit card required and see for yourself how PlexBI works with your organization.
Yes! PlexBI is designed to work with your existing databases and data sources. For those wanting database hosting as well, we offer this via our managed services.
All reports including maps, charts, and dashboards can be created via our drag-and-drop interface. If you are comfortable working with SQL you can visualize your data using SQL mode.
Security of your data is critical which is why our Business and Enterprise plans are on dedicated instances, unlike some other providers. This will allow you to enact the security policies needed for your company and industry.
Yes. While we can configure your firewall to only be accessible to the IP(s) you specifiy, we can also configure VPN services so all traffic is only between your office(s) and your instance.
A product is only as good as the support that is behind it. Both our Business and Enterprise packages include 24x7 support via ticket with an average response time of 15 minutes during business hours and 30 minutes after hours. A higher level support package, as well as custom support packages, are also available.
Currently, you can connect Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SyBase, and SQL Server. In addition, you can upload CSV files which can then be queried as you would any other data table. Most online services allow you to export your data as a CSV and you can find detailed instructions on how to do so there. There is also integrated API support for DropBox, Google Drive, GitHub, and OnApp Federated CDN. If you need a specific connector, please let us know and we can incorporate.
Yes. You can scale any resource of your Business or Enterprise instance on demand.
We use Supermicro chasis with Intel SSD drives, Intel 3.4GHz CPU, and DDR3 RAM. All instances are run on our OnApp Cloud and are fully redundant. We also back up incrementally at 30 minute intervals to an offsite server.
PlexBI is a DBA of MapFig, Inc or Wilmington, Delaware. MapFig, Inc is comprised of database and system administrators who have been actively hosting since 2006. Our team also comprises experienced Business Intelligence experts who have designed and implemented Business Intelligence solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

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