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Intelligent Insight

PlexBI - the Visual Intelligence Server

Comprehensive Intelligence

If you have had enough of waiting for others to send you the reports that you need to be most effective at your job, then PlexBI has the solution for you. All users in your organization will be able to create visualizations with our drag-and-drop Query builder.
Is there data you need daily or weekly? Not an issue with the built in scheduling and email delivery options in the formats you need, including PDF and CSV.

(Screenshot: Comprehensive Dashboards)

Powerful GIS Tool Set

Don't just talk about where your customers are located, visualize directly on the map. With our drag-and-drop interface or with standard SQL you can create dynamic maps to see where your business is coming from or where to expand.

Need even more GIS capabilities? We offer full support for PostGIS, GEOM, latitude/longitude, Geocoding, and more.

Auto Filter
Turn PostGIS Data into Maps
Turn any SQL into Maps
Free-Hand Maps
CSV Maps

Empower, Share and Connect

Empower all users to create meaningful visualizations with our drop-and-drag Query builder, and full SQL Editor for skilled users.

Share and communicate using scheduling, email, and a variety of export formats.

DIY Point-and-click
Export to PDF and CSV
(Screenshot: DIY Reporting)

Query Across Data Sources

No matter whether your database in Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server or SyBase, the PlexBI Query Builder has you covered. Need to create reports from other sources? Not a problem as we support CSV file upload as well.

PlexBI also supports Stored Queries, Data Models, and Multi-Data-Source, allowing you to join different data sources.

Query Browser
Query Editor
SQL Tags*

Professional Forms

Create, edit, and deploy professional, high-quality forms to any web platform including your own intranet.

Save to your own database(s), CSV, and analyze with DBI.

Online/Offline Mobile Data Collection Option.

DIY Point-and-click
Online/Offline Mobile
Save to Database(s)
(Screenshot: DBI Forms)

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    Connect to: PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon RDS, SQLite, Amazon Redshift, CSV Upload, Heroku, Google Analytics, DropBox, Google Drive.

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