Jasper Reports Manager

Manage JRI from a Single UI

Make Publishing Jasper Reports Easy

(Screenshot source: User Interface)

Make publishing your Jasper Reports simple and easy.

Publish and manage your reports and supporting objects from a single UI.

Integrated CDN and code generator for your users.

  • Add Unlimited Users
  • Add Data Sources
  • Control JRI Version
  • Point and Click
  • Tomcat Manager Panel
  • Increase Productivity
  • Integrated CDN
  • Integrated File Management

SQL (or Not)

(Screenshot source: Code Generator)

Basic code generator for creating process code.

Copy and Paste code or use for template.

iReport and APEX Item ID parameters (and all others).

Tomcat Manager

(Screenshot source: Tomcat Admin)

Stop, Start, Restart Tomcat via UI.

Monitor Tomcat Status

Free Hand Maps

(Screenshot source: Unlimited APEX Instances)

Add unlimited APEX instances.

Scale any resource on demand

Secure via firewall AND via proxy.

The Jasper Reports Manager is a UI for JasperReportsIntegration, created by Dietmar Aust/Opal Consulting. Neither Opal Consulting nor Dietmar Aust are affiliated with MapFig, Inc., nor do we claim endorsement or representation.

Enterprise Architecture



Trusted administrator or DBA. Creates top-level directories and data sources. Creates Developer seats.


Developer / Power User

Creates Dashboards, Reports, Charts, and Maps and creates and assigns permissions for end users


End Users

End users can access dashboards with granual level access at the report level.