Quick Start – Standard Edition


DaphnaBI Provides Three User Roles

1. SysAdmin
2. Developer (or “Power User”)
3. End User


The SysAdmin Role creates and manages Data Sources, Developers (or “Power Users”), Top-Level Directories (or Departments), and associated permissions.

1. Add A Data Source

  • On the top navigation menu, click on Datasource ->Add New Datasource

2. Add A Developer or End User

  • On the top navigation menu, click on Users-> Add User
  • Add Developer or End User.

3. Create A Top-Level Directory or Department

  • On the top navigation menu, click on Department – >Add Department

4. Assign Permissions

  • On the top navigation menu, click on Permission
  • Assign datasource Department and Developer

Developer Role

Developers (or “Power Users”) can create sub folders, End Users, and assign corresponding permissions.

1. Add new folder

  • On the sidebar navigation menu, click on -> Department -> Add New Folder.
  • Give your Folder a name like (For example; ‘December Sales’

2. Click on Generate Reports

  • A Dashboard screen will open.

3. Click on Add Report Element

  • Give your report a name
  • Select the report type
  • Select your Data Source(s)
  • Select table
  • Add relations (as needed)
  • Drag columns into desired area
  • The Preview Query button will show the SQL Query
  • The Preview button will show output of your result
  • You can change report types as well as drag columns and preview as many reports and charts as needed

4. Click on Save

  • Your report element is saved and you are redirected to Dashboard page.

5. Share report or chart with other users

  • On the Sidebar navigation menu, click: User -> Add User

6. Add Permission

  • On the top navigation menu, click on – Permission  -> Add Permission
    Give Permission to End User.

End Users

End User can view any report types and dashboard they are given permissions to . They can also download reports in PDF, JPEG, PNG format as well as email reports.